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I was aware that the furnace cycled once during the night, last night. We set the thermostat to 68 and that was the temperature inside when I awoke a bit before 6:00 this morning.

We turned the fireplace on when we got up and the furnace only ran once after that.

We watched the palm trees being whipped around in the breeze, from the comfort of our little rolling condo.

The outdoor temperature was in the 45 degree range, which is a bit cool for here.

The low temperature is forecast to get down into the 30’s tomorrow night. Brrr……

Of course we will be right back into the 70’s on Thursday and for the following 10 days. I have no forecast beyond that.

All I can say is that you folks back in the Midwest, you have our sympathy and we hope you stay warm and dry.

Marilyn & I had to run some errands today, so after the coffee was finished off it was time to get busy.

We made a run to Walmart, then returned home for a bite of lunch.

We had just finished our simple lunch when Ron knocked on the door to let us know that Heinz & Irene had arrived.

We grabbed a jacket and ran across the street to greet these special friends, and introduced Ron to them.

We left our friends to get set up, and walked back to the warm, cozy, confines of our RV.

It was an hour or so later that Heinz & Irene arrived at our door, and a great visit with these good people followed.

They had done a considerable amount of research about RV Parks in Florida, and brought us lots of information. Right now, we are still in the decision making process, with lots of time before we have to make up our mind. Right now we are still favorable toward returning right here to Llano Grande, but it remains to be seen.

Heinz & Irene needed to go to the store but we were reluctant to let them go. They finally left to make a trip to the grocery store for supplies. We’ll be busy tomorrow but plan to spend some time with our friends. Even more time on Wednesday, as we may go out for lunch, maybe to Fat Daddy’s BBQ.

Then we have to get ready for the Misfits cruise.

We sure look forward to some good times once we return from the cruise. Of course the cruise will be a source of great fun, too.

Oh my, so much to look forward to.

No doubt about it, Life is Good!

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