Moore's on Tour 2013/14 travel blog

Ice sculptures in the street, magic

Merry go round

My minions

Michael Jackson

Are we back in Disneyland?


Loads of fun rides and games to do on the frozen river

A little cold

We went on these inner tubes for about 40 min, soo much...

View across frozen river to the end of cable car, looks like...

Boys had great fun playing in the snow

The ladies toilet, not fancy but does the job. Freeze ya bum!

Looking back toward city

Out on the river. Once you scrape off the top snow you...

Heat pads to my toes keeps them toasty warm

Ice sculptures at night







Party hats used as light shades

Cold Harbin Beer any one?

Good match

Boys eating toffeed strawberries

Pedestrian street

Temperature in Harbin early morning.

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We took our time getting sorted this morning and I finally had internet usage and a decent wifi to catch up on the blog. Piled on the layers and headed out. Walked up to the river (or frozen walkway),along the pedestrian street. At the river they had all sorts of rides and games going on ontop of the ice. We had a go at the sledging on inner tubes. It was an absolute blast! You took the tube and stepped on a flat esculater to the top of the hill and lined up along the edge. On the whistle off you went at great speed, awesome fun!!

Spent the rest of our time with the boys playing in the snow piles and having a walk out on the frozen river. It's amazing.

Started to get pretty cold on the way back to the hostel.Had a few hours chilling out in the warm.

Headed out again after the sun went down, around 4:30pm, to see the street at night. Some of the sculptures were lit up. Did some shopping and got some street food. The boys really like the kebab sticks of strawberries dipped in toffee and I had an icypole. It sounds funny to have one in this temperature but everyone eats them so I had to see what all the fuss was about, yumm.

Back to the warm to take the layers off again.

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