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Another busy day greeted us this morning.

Marilyn did laundry while I busied myself making a large kettle of home-made beef vegetable soup.

I did manage to go by the site where Ben & Tina are parked.

These nice folks, from Kentucky, are back here at Llano Grande and it was good to see them.

The carry in for Dale and I, because we both had birthdays last week, was hosted by Linda and Berni.

I carried lawn chairs and a small table, to Dale & Linda’s Site, then returned to take our induction cooker and the kettle of soup over there.

The food brought in by more than 30 people was in Tom & Berni’s Casita and it all went really well.

We met many new folks today but don’t remember many of their names yet. We are all used to that. It takes several “get-togethers” before the names become familiar.

The temperature was in the mid 70’s when we started today and the meal was finished off about the time the wind grew stronger and the temps began to drop.

As I sit writing this journal entry, the temperature is down to 61, but we are very comfortable with one window open.

We enjoy listening to the wind blowing through the palm trees.

Marilyn took a few pictures for me to share with you, but I feel almost guilty posting them, being aware of how cold it is back in Missouri. So you dear readers up north, please just ignore the pictures today. LOL

Every day now brings us closer and closer to the time for the cruise! That will force some decisions on my part. I’ll tell you about all that in the near future.

As for now, I’ll end this journal entry by letting you know that we have no news about Roger, although we know that prayers are still needed. He remains in the hospital in ICU the last news we heard.

We sure have had a nice day once again, so it is easy to remember my mantra that Life is Good!

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