Moore's on Tour 2013/14 travel blog

Pretty hedge in the street

Street ice sculptures

Temperature at the Ice festival around 6:30pm

Giant snow men in the street


So pretty all lit up

All ice with lights inset

Had to do the snow fox photo

"It was heavy"

Massive snow sculpture




Ice carving competition



Having a go on snow bicycles

Sliding down hill on cardboard






Off to another airport. The security here at Beijing Airport was pretty full on with scanns of everything and body patdown just for a domestic flight. The flight to Harbin was only about 1 1/2 hours. We had made sure that we had our warm layers with us to put on for arrival and were told that it would be -20 on landing.

It was cold but not as bad as we had expected and got quite hot all loaded in a taxi with some of the packs on knees and about 25kms to town with the heater on.

After having to talk to a translater on the phone to help the driver find our hostel we made it to where we wanted to be, a real hostel woith loads of young people sitting around on couchs and it was so hot inside!

Kelvin and I left the boys and went for a walk to find the bank and the next street was pedestrian and had some great ice carvings along it, soo cool, and cold!.

Back at the hostel we booked tickets for the Ice Festival tour for this afternoon. We took the boys out to see the pedestrian street and a quick bite to eat. Took photos of them with some of the ice carvings.

We left the Hostel around 4.45pm and it was already dark. Took a mini bus to the site and the traffic of vehicles and people was huge, it was the opening day! Once we got sorted as a group we and entered the park we had 2 hrs before meeting up to head back to hostel.

It was a really stunning place and took your breath away in more ways than one! It was very cold. The structures were huge, big enough to climb up into and some had slides down.All the lights set into the structures made it a really pretty view. We went and had a go on the snow bicycles which were a little hard to steer but lots of fun. Also had a go where some kids were just sliding down the hill on cardboard. The boys got to hold a snow fox, of course you pay for the experience.

I had taken some of the heat packs from the hostel with me so put some on my toes. I already had 5 layers on!! but other than toes I was warm. The thermometer had read -30.

It was just such a stunning place it's hard to put into words.

The 2 hrs were enough to see it all and we were due to warm up.

Back at the hostel they keep it pretty warm, you go from wearing 5 layers of clothes to not even being able to wear PJ's to sleep in it's so warm, which is a good thing here.

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