Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

Campsite at sunset.

Magnificent trees behind out RV.

Squirrels were playing all over the place.

They are such cute rodents!

Sunset over the salt marsh right in our picture window view.

Deer arrived in the dark. This was taken at ISO 12,000!


We arrived around 2PM and found most of the "Premium" sites along the salt marsh open for our selection. Anne picked the "best" one and we settled in. After lunch we just chilled out (it was in the 50's) and rested after three days of travel. We'll be here until Monday morning when we head to Florida.

At just about a half hour before sunset, Tom went out with his camera and captured some long shadow images, cute squirrels, and a fantastic sunset over the salt marsh. As we were sitting down to dinner, a herd of deer came browsing by our RV. Setting the ISO to 12,000, Tom captured one of them on "film."

We looked at the weather back home and congratulated ourselves for heading out when we did. We'd still be back there if we had waited until Jan. 2 to take off.

We were able to sleep-in on our first full day in our campsite - no more rushing to escape the weather.

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