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We sure had a fine time with our group called “The Misfits” last night. Then, when we got back home, we watched the rest of the Football game between Missouri and Oklahoma State. Much to our delight, Missouri pulled out a win, but not before Marilyn was yelling at the TV. I was so proud of her! She enjoyed the game as much as I did. It was extremely exciting!

This morning, we took our friends, Ron & Verna, to Mexico.

We paused several times to take pictures and then made our way down to the Bakery.

We enjoyed fresh pastries and hot coffee, along with the Mariachi music at Rene’s Bakery.

We shopped at various places as we made our way down the street. One vendor selling Hats (Lots of Cowboy Hats) had just tipped over several stacks of hats as we walked by, so we stopped to help him pick them up. At Dania’s Salon, I opened the door and spoke to Rosa for a second. She is the lady who is the best at Pedicure stuff. I promised that we would return on another day for a pedicure, and we will do that after the cruise.

The margaritas for the guys and strawberry daiquiris for the ladies were all good. After some time we ordered our lunch and our friends really liked the delicious fried shrimp. Once again we were entertained by the musicians playing and singing.

After lunch we shopped for a few more items we couldn’t live without, then crossed back into the good old USA.

Before driving back to the resort we took our friends to show them the Don-Wes Flea Market and the Farmer’s Market.

Finally, back home, we opened windows and turned the whole house fan on. It took only a few minutes to get the RV cooled off inside. Then we sat in our recliners with a nice breeze coming in the open window beside my chair.

The awesome 75 degree weather with bright sunshine sure made it a wonderful day.

Our day was made even better by the fact that Ron & Verna enjoyed the trip to Mexico so much. That makes us feel good, sort of like seeing things for the first time, only through someone else’s eyes.

Because of our friends, it is easy to say with conviction, that Life is Good!

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