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Hello Papa!

Papa & Pip

Hello Nan!

Could it be? Queensland!

First hugs with Daphne

An old view with fresh eyes

Are you getting excited?

Are you really excited??

We are sooooo excited!!


Oh boy, what a day! Arrived home a day earlier than expected - we just couldn't wait! We all had persuasive arguments for driving all the way home in a day instead of a last free camp night along the way, the most convincing being that we could sleep in our very own big comfy beds when we arrived, aaaahhhhh! Still, we managed to detour for two very good reasons as we reached the New South Wales - Queensland border.

Firstly, we turned left off the Pacific Highway to visit my Dad at Mullumbimby. Dad has been such a dedicated follower of our online journal and it was really great to talk to he and Jo in person. Mullum is usually sleepyville to us. There must be something in the air, cause Ben and I fall about the place snoozing. However, we were not conquered today! After a brief catch up, we were on our way again.

Our second detour was to the Gold Coast. Daphne Margaret Richardson has been holidaying there with Simone and her boys from Cairns. It felt like we all raced each other to the door, we were so excited. I have often said that the next stage after marriage and kids is getting a dog, and she's almost as loved (if not more at times... :) . Pip and I were most commonly struck with Daphne-sickness while we were travelling around Aus. I ended up trying not to think about her too much as I'd get teary. Oh dear, so much for keeping a healthy perspective about pets... Needless to say, there were hugs and kisses upon seeing our dear friend again. Apparently Daph has had a pretty great time in Cairns with her foster family and foster sister, Arry. She looks a bit heavier too! Thanks so much to Andrew, Simone, Nathan, Joel & Micah for looking after her so well and keeping our minds at peace about her while we were away. Now she's got to get used to us again whether she likes it or not - perhaps some dog treats might help.

The last stretch of the trip went as quickly as could be considering it has been six months in coming. Watching The Cosby Show season 8 was really engrossing! As we entered the city, Brissie felt the same yet different. We spotted a few new things and some changes as we neared home but mostly everything felt very normal. Could it be that we have returned as 'normal' as we left too? What things have stayed the same within us and what new things have been 'built' or changed along the road? Time will tell I guess.

Ben's mum and dad had strung a big 'congratulations' banner across the driveway and a left an excellent food hamper at the back door. Super lovely thank you!

Our first steps into our home tonight were trodden with relief, joy and wonder. It just feels right and comfortable to be here in our big, big, big version of Old Bess!

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