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The Wi-Fi is fixed and works great! The repair guy (Mike) replaced an amplifier in the line and now we have our very own private Wi-Fi with 5 bars on the signal strength meter.

Mike arrived early this morning (About 8:30) just as he promised and by 9:30 we were back in business.

We have been very busy today.

Normal chores were done and then we got busy with other things on our “To-Do” list.

I have several friends from High School days, who have planned a “get-together” in Port Aransas, Texas. That is easily on the way to Houston from here.

They plan to be together from the 9th to the 12th, but Marilyn & I will be in Houston on the 10th for a cruise which sails on the 11th.

We do plan to spend some time with these long time friends on Thursday, Jan 9th, so here is the plan….

On Thursday we will leave Mercedes and drive to Port Aransas, where we have a reservation at the Days Inn for that night.

We’ll spend the afternoon and evening with my Classmates.

On Friday morning we will have breakfast with our friends and then drive to Houston, actually Seabrook, Texas, where we will check into a Motel and meet our Cruise friends, called “The Misfits”, for a Bon Voyage party.

On Saturday, the Misfits will board the ship and sail off for fun and adventure.

With the cruise in mind, I printed out all of our documents this morning. We now have our tickets, boarding passes, and luggage tags.

We took the time to order two spare batteries and a battery charger for Marilyn’s new camera. It is supposed to be here by next Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Our friends, Bob & Janet, aka “Running Bare” & “Shots” are arriving today, so we are joining the Misfits in Mission, Texas, at the home of “The Enforcer” and “Saucy” for dinner, and lots of laughter, no doubt. “Jinx” & “Sugar” will drive over from Harlingen, but “UBI” & “Spicy” live right down the street.

I may get more notes for the story line about the Misfits taking a Cruise.

I noticed one of those ironic things in the news. One was that a group of folks on a ship for the purpose of studying “Global Warming” are stuck in the ice in Antarctica. They sent a rescue ship and now it is also stuck in the ice.

Tomorrow we are taking friends, Ron & Verna, to Mexico. Then on Sunday we are going to the Flea Market after Mass, then we’ll attend a carry-in dinner across the street with other friends.

Oh, we are busy, busy, busy. For the most part, that makes us Happy, Happy, Happy.

Oh yeah, Life is Good!

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