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Jeff enjoying the ambiance at Mi Tierra

The Ants were actually carrying juniper berries. That would be akin to...

Casita in the wilderness with Cocker Spaniel in foreground

On our last day in San Antonio, we enjoyed our first meal (and it won't be our last) at Mi Tierra. We have eaten Tex-Mex many times in San Antonio, but somehow missed this SA landmark. We wouldn't have even known about it except for a local news story on TV. They were counting down the best Tex-Mex in SA, and Mi Tierra was numero uno! Well, it's numero uno in our book too! Some of the best frijoles ever tasted - corn and flour tortillas to die for - plus all the other good stuff. We had enough to take half home and have it for supper.

We had decided to stay at Garner State Park for three days even though it's best known for tubing, and this was certainly not tubing weather. There weren't many people in the park at all, and we were able to pick our own site. The weather was beautiful - 70 degrees and sunny. We enjoyed sitting out in the campground in the sun. Scout loved her walks around the campground - so many smells! Those were the good points.

Bad points were no TV signal, no phone service, and although they advertised WiFi, it was only at the ranger station and the signal was so weak, that we had to use html to send an email! Forget trying to read the news or weather reports. Then the Artic Vortex hit us with low 20's in the p.m., and a cold blustery wind. We made it through Saturday and Sunday OK, but we were ready to get out of there by Sunday eve. The bucolic setting with no connections is not so bad if you can be outside, but with cold weather, the 17 ft. Casita can seem really small if you can only watch DVD's or read.

We had paid for three nights, but got one at half price, so we figured we lost that one. We took off Monday morning, and decided to drive for I10, so we could get a phone signal and check the weather at various places. We would have stopped earlier, but couldn't find an RV park with decent reviews until we got to Fort Stockton. We're parked here now - it's cold, but then it's cold over most of the US right now. However the forecast is 70's for Wednesday!

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