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This afternoon I had my first visit with Dr. Matthew Geck at the Seton Spine and Scoliosis Center. His physician’s assistant first gave me some preliminary tests and the X-ray tech took views from the back and from the side. My height measurement showed that I have lost three inches! That came as a real shock to me. I had no idea that I’m now only 5’3” tall. I stood as tall as I possibly could when the measurement was taken.

Dr. Geck said that his nurse will call me on Monday to set up my pre-surgical visits. It will be at least three months before the surgery is actually performed. He said that it would be from the middle of my back (#10) all the way down. Of course, my back will be stiff from then on, but I will be able to stand up straight. Maybe that will give me back at least part of those lost inches.

He also told me to stop taking Fosamax; he said that it is a bone poison. Now I have one more reason for not wanting to take it in the first place. He wants me to take Forteo injections, which will actually build up my bone mass. I’m not looking forward to those injections but will put on a brave front. :>)

In the waiting room I talked with two of his patients who have already had their surgeries. One of the ladies was so bad that she could hardly breathe. Neither of them have back pain now. Both of them stayed in the hospital for four days and then were in rehab for only a week. They both spoke very highly of Dr. Geck and their rehabilitation experiences. That made me feel more at ease. I just wish it were all over already.

I’m looking forward to being able to walk nature trails and perform other activities again.

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