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I was up way early this morning. I woke up thinking about my “To Do” list and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I went to the living room and made notes to myself. I don’t know why I do that!

After coffee, I got busy, did some chores, then began making phone calls.

The Wi-Fi system modem we’ve had since arriving here stopped working and the Tech was dropping by this morning, so Marilyn drove off to her WW meeting and weigh-in, then went shopping for supplies, while I stayed behind to help with the Wi-Fi issue.

We had a good signal all the way to the modem when the Tech measured the signal strength, so a new modem seemed to be the answer.

I drove up to the office, traded modems, and went back home to install the new equipment. Same Problem!!

I have had a problem with my on-line ID and password for our new Bank, and got myself locked out. A phone call to the bank resolved that issue.

It is that time of year when we have to renew the license plates for the Car, the Truck, and the RV. I called our mail forwarding service, Alternative Resources, in South Dakota, and made arrangements for Karen to take care of all that for me. The new plates should be in our February mail.

I looked forward to watching the Alabama vs. Oklahoma football game this evening. I don’t really care who wins but do hope for a good game.

The Wi-Fi Service Tech arrived at 3:00 PM and worked for awhile. He confirmed the strong signal at the input to the modem, then went outdoors to trouble shoot the system at the “Drop”.

Then he left to get some equipment to check out the line somewhere.

He said he would be back but didn’t say when. Maybe tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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