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So there we were driving from east to west in our own country having never left our country and we had to go through a border check. That's life in the southern US post 9-11. The passengers in the Greyhound bus were getting a careful going over, but in our lane a blinking light determined whether we would get a serious check. It didn't blink; we moved on. Lots of billboards in the flat and featureless landscape lured us to all sorts of shopping opportunities, many Indian related.

We passed groves of pecan and walnut trees and signs advertising vineyards. As long as there is enough water for irrigation, the climate here is friendly for growing many crops that I associate with the Mediterranean. And soon we passed the sign welcoming us to Arizona, which has been a state for only 102 years.

We investigated our campground when we were here last year. It was nice camping at Lazy Days, but Rincon West has a huge offering of activities and an active social life. At Lazy Days we were pretty much on our own. We have never stayed in one place longer than six weeks and that was our plan here, but when we checked in, staying for two months cost almost the same as staying for 1- 1/2, so what the heck. If we decided to leave early, not a great loss. The fees here are similar to what we have paid to stay in the Rio Grande Valley and considerably less than the only comparable campground we are aware of in Florida in Sarasota.

We got a fistful of tickets for concerts and eating opportunities at the campground during the month of January at Rincon. Sometimes by the time we would arrive at campground like this, they were already sold out. We went online at home and noticed that we could sign up right away so I mailed in the check and the calendar is already full of fun things to do. A great way to start the new year.

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