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It was an awesome day today. Warm temps, clear skies, and bright sunshine greeted us this morning.

After the coffee was finished I took trash out, made the bed, dumped the holding tanks, and then managed to get myself ready for church.

After Mass, we drove directly to Walmart where I let Marilyn out to begin the shopping while I gassed up her car. Then I joined her in the shopping chores.

We split up in an effort to finish more quickly and while I was “on my own”, my cell phone rang. It was Joyce letting me know that Roger came through his surgery today “just fine”.

There is hope that he may be on the road to recovery soon.

This is the time when I want to thank all of you who have been praying for Roger & Joyce. Those prayers DO make a difference and they ARE appreciated very much.

Please keep up the effort and I will keep you advised as to the status of this good man, as things go along.

As of noon, we were back in the RV with the groceries safely stored away. Marilyn was busy fixing some home made chicken noodle soup for Berni who is ill.

When the soup was finished I carried a bowl over to Berni. There might be enough for Tom too.

I saved enough for me to have a bowl. My honey makes tasty soup for sure.

In any case, we sure hope that helps her get well.

After lunch I drove to the Fitness Center and worked out for awhile. It has been a few days more than normal since I went down there, and now my arms are shaky. Hope I can comb my hair tomorrow.

OK, no jokes about my hair, or to be more accurate, my lack of hair! LOL

Things are going to begin hopping around here, as more and more friends arrive for the winter.

Ron & Verna arrive here tomorrow, and Ted & Donna will arrive at Bentsen Palms Village tomorrow also.

Bob & Janet plan to arrive next Friday, and they will also be at Bentsen Palms Village.

Then of course, the cruise is on the radar now, less than two weeks from the sailing date.

We have lots of fun on the horizon and today may be the last day of relaxation for awhile. That is all ok except for one thing.

The weather!

While today is just fine, tomorrow may be the coldest day we have experienced this winter. The high is supposed to be only 50 degrees with rain. Bummer!

No matter what the weather, we will enjoy being here and look forward to tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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