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Talk about Lazy!

For the past two days, Marilyn & I have done absolutely nothing!

For two days we didn’t even bother to get dressed, choosing to remain in pajamas, sit in the recliners, and eat comfort food.

Today, on day three of this “Sloth Period”, Marilyn still has not worn anything but her pajamas. as of 12:00 noon, that is.

It is warm enough to get out but the overcast sky and periods of rain, make it so comfy to sit beside the fireplace with a book, or to play games on the computer.

We have done a bit of work inside. All of the Christmas stuff is put away, things are neat and clean, and we have gained only a couple of pounds.

Well, on that weight thing, I must confess that Marilyn gained only one pound and I have been too chicken to get on the scales.

I know it isn’t good though! LOL

Today we improved a little bit, at least we dressed for the day, although for Marilyn, it was after noon.

We thought briefly about driving over to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. The leftovers are now depleted and we have bare spaces in our fridge.

We spoke with a few friends on the phone today.

We made some plans to have lunch at a Japanese Steakhouse over in McAllen on New Years Eve Day. We had planned to drive over to Padre Island but the weather forecast is working against us, so we changed to a restaurant nearby.

Friends of ours will soon be arriving here in the valley and the fun level will increase as the weather turns off nicer and nicer.

I have a feeling that my blog may become a bit more interesting to read. Sure hope I haven’t driven readers away by infusing boredom in their brains.

In any case dear readers, thank you to those of you who stick it out during the slow times.

One more thing. Roger is having more surgery tomorrow. He has been in ICU, unconscious for two weeks or more, and needs your prayers badly. As his wife says, “We need a Miracle!”

Please take just a moment to say a prayer for Roger & Joyce.

Thank you!

Remember that Life is Good!

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