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Sometimes it is fun to look back at what we were doing a year ago. With the help of my blog, we can pretty much see what we were doing on any date in the last seven years.

Last year, Marilyn & I had flown back to Missouri to share Christmas at the home of our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids.

And on this date last year, we had just arrived back in Arizona the night before, so we spent this date getting unpacked. We managed to get everything squared away at the RV, and drove to the airport in the evening to pick up Bob & Janet, who had also been back in Missouri with family.

On this date in 2011, we were doing normal things, chores around the RV, preparing for a biking adventure in Rio Bentsen State Park on the next day, and enjoying Happy Hour with Trent & Teresa, who were parked across the street.

In 2010, we awoke to cold temperatures inside the RV. The outdoor temp was only in the upper 30’s. The coldest day we had experienced during the winter here at Llano Grande. It was only 54 inside when we got up, and we were out of propane in the tank being used. I switched to the full tank and we were warm and cozy within minutes. The daytime temperature reached into the mid 70’s and all was well.

Around noon we rode with friends, Ted & Sue, to have lunch and then attend the movie, “True Grit”.

It was another fine day here in our piece of paradise.

In 2009, I walked with friends, Gilbert and Heinz. Jesse and Carl usually walked with us but were no-shows that morning.

I made a run to Walmart but had to stop and visit with Dan & Pat before continuing on my way. Marilyn walked by and Pat yelled at her to come in for a minute. Marilyn was surprised to see me still there but we all enjoyed a nice visit.

Later, in the afternoon, Carl, Heinz, Jesse and I all played pool. It was plenty warm so we all rode our bikes down to the pool room.

On this date in 2008, we bought a new coffee maker, then joined the fun at a fish fry at Gordon & Juanita’s, along with Kit & Jerry, Fred & Jo, Carl & Linda, Heinz & Irene and Gilbert & Louise.

The weather was great and we all had a good time.

The final year I will look at this date, was in 2007. We went to lunch at the “Blue Onion” with Carl & Linda. Back at the RV we waited for friends, Rick & Sherry to arrive. Many of our friends gathered at our place to welcome Rick & Sherry at Happy Hour, in beautiful weather once again.

So that is what we have done on this date in the recent years. It is interesting to look back. Some of these good friends are still nearby but most are far away at this time. All are wonderful people and we have hopes of meeting with them again to enjoy their company.

It was fun to look back, to re-live some of the fun times spent in the company of good friends.

Life is Good!

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