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One of the best things about a wonderful Christmas Dinner, is the leftovers.

We sure enjoyed a fine meal with Jesse & Ginger, yesterday.

They sent lots of food home with us, so today was the day for getting at those leftovers.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, noodles, gravy, apple salad, and an applesauce/cranberry sauce.

Once again a delicious meal!

You know what? We have enough for another meal tonight!

Life is Good!

Marilyn did some additional cleaning in the RV, then started laundry today.

I took the trash out, opened the gray water tank, then relaxed.

We experienced a light rain all day, but the temperature outdoors was fairly warm and I sat in my recliner with the window beside me wide open to allow the light breeze to enter.

Today, December 26th, is always a bittersweet day for Marilyn & I, as it is the birthday for our first born daughter, Kelly.

It is difficult for us to realize that our Kelly would have been forty nine years old today.

To our great sorrow, she is forever 25, a beautiful young girl, who died on May 5th, 1990.

We remember that date with a sadness which will never disappear from our minds, but we no longer dwell on it and try to focus on the family we have around us.

Our daughter, Jennifer, is a joy for us and we miss her every day, along with Steve, our son-in-law, and the grandkids, Colby & Lauren.

So, on this day, I don’t have much to write about. We are only two weeks away from the cruise with friends.

I’ll have much more to write about as we go along.

For now, I’ll just ask you to please say a prayer for Roger & Joyce.

As for us, I’ll leave you with that reminder that Life is Good!

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