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This journal entry will be simple and different.

We want to wish every one of you, Family and Friends, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It is because of you that I continue to write each day.

Sometimes I wonder why so many of you read the stuff I write, but I am thankful that you do.

Marilyn & I have been blessed by the people who have touched our lives, and those who continue to touch our lives.

We have family and friends, scattered all across this country and in many different parts of the world and they are all a Blessing to us.

There are a few who are Gay, some are Black, some Liberal, some Conservative, some Christian, some Other Religions, and every one of them hold a special place in our hearts!

Each of them have touched our lives when we needed them most.

Because there is such a diversity in the people we are proud to call friends, we do not always agree with their points of view.

However, because of the different points of view, we are much more informed and aware that we are all different in this world.

That is not a bad thing, it is a good thing!

As one of my dear friends once said to me when we were having a serious discussion, “God made each person unique, with different gifts and talents. Not to make any one person better than any other, but so that each person could share the gifts and talents they were given by God and thereby enrich the lives of those around them”.

I used quotation marks, but had to paraphrase the comment made by my friend, Paul.

Paul happens to be a black pastor of a church, different from the Catholic church we attend. He is a dear friend, and has blessed our lives many times. He and his lovely wife, Rita, used to come to our home, just to get away from the stress of life, to relax and visit.

Paul would call and ask if I would fix some beef vegetable soup. He liked that soup with a bit of “Mongolian Fire Oil” added to it.

We seldom see Paul & Rita now a days, because we travel all the time, but the love we have for them remains very much alive in our hearts.

We believe that God puts special people in our lives and we are remiss if we pre-judge anyone simply because they are different from us.

We are reminded, especially during the Christmas Season, that we are all in this together, we only go around once, and Love is what really matters.

May God Bless each one of you Dear Family members, Friends, and Readers.

Merry Christmas!

Oh yes, because of each one of you, it is easy to say that Life is Good!

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