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As retirees we like to take our time, savor the moment and avoid racing from one activity to another. When our neighborhood used to have a progressive dinner on New Year's Eve, we would start heading south in the new year. Inevitably we would run into snow and ice storms along the way, experiences we would just as soon avoid. Some RV'ers head south early in November to miss weather worries. Once we are finished celebrating Christmas with the family we start to scrutinize the weather forecast along our planned route as well as considering whether we can get the motor home out of the snow drifts in the parking lot. Last year we encountered snow flurries along the entire route we plan to drive again until we passed Albuquerque. This year we have a 48 hour windows of opportunity because of a warm front forecast to move along the route, which means we will have to drive into the wind, reducing the gas mileage. But if we get far enough south before the single digit temperatures return to the central US, we can avoid new ice and snow. It's worth it.

So today I found myself madly packing up Christmas in the morning and taking piles of clothing, toys, and food out to the motor home in the afternoon. We worked until our bodies said, "enough already." We got a lot done, but will have to work equally hard tomorrow morning before we can put the key into the ignition and bid our snowy neighborhood a fond farewell.

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