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Preparations for our cruise have been in the planning stage for some time now.

A group of 12 began talk of this while we were in Arizona.

Later, as the time for final decision approached, Trent & Teresa had to change plans and will not be joining our merry band of seagoing fun lovers.

However, Bob & Janet, Jesse & Ginger, Mike & Marian, and Chuck & Coletta will be joining Marilyn & I for a seven day cruise in the Caribbean.

A few days ago, while we were with Jesse & Ginger, we talked about coming up with a name for our group.

We agreed that we should call ourselves “The Misfits”.

At first it was going to be a “Tribe” of Misfits and we were going to come up with an Indian name for each person.

A few days ago, I awoke during the night and simply lay there in bed thinking, which is often a dangerous thing to do.

I finally came up with names for each member of our group and thought I should share them with you.

My intent is to attempt a humorous story about the cruise, once we return. So here is the beginning, as I introduce the characters involved in the story.

Bob….“Running Bare“. (Running Bear was the first name suggested, while were still planning to use Indian names, but I changed the spelling to more accurately fit Bob, as he has been threatening to wear a Speedo and “Streak” past our cabins.)

Here’s the way I will introduce him in the story.

Running Bare took three pieces of clothing for the cruise. A Thong, a Speedo, and at the last moment he threw in a necktie for “Formal Nights”.

He spends much time streaking past the cabins with a big grin on his face.

Mike….“The Enforcer“. An ex police officer he is kept busy trying to corral Running Bare and keep him under control.

He has a nervous twitch, sighs repeatedly, and mumbles under his breath a lot.

Chuck…. “Jinx“. He constantly regales the Tribe with stories from his career at sea, working as a crew member on a shrimp boat. Seems to have a Black Cloud over his head all the time, as bad things happen constantly, to the delight of the other members of the tribe. He will provide much fodder for the story as the cruise sails through the sea.

Jesse….“UBI“, pronounced “You Be”. Short for useless bits of information. Constantly researching trivia to share with the tribe. He continues to seek an answer to his life-long quest for the problem, “What is the shelf life of Viagra?”

Ed….“Doc“, short for Documenter of the adventures and misadventures of the tribe as the cruise takes place.

The other members try to discourage his “Truth Telling”, by calling him names. The most frequently used name is “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”.

Janet….“Shots“. Appearing to be quiet and shy, Janet is married to Bob (Running Bare). Only by partaking frequently of Jello Shots, does she manage to survive the ordeal.

Marian…“Saucy“. Married to Mike, (The Enforcer), she is the true leader of the tribe, she constantly encourages Mike to “Go Get Him”, referring to Running Bare.

Ginger…“Spicy“. Very selective about where she eats, what she eats, where she goes, where she rides, etc, etc, the other members of the tribe call her “Picky”.

She seems very choosy about everything except the company she keeps. She is married to (UBI).

Coletta….“Sugar“. Married to (Jinx), she is very sweet and demure on the surface. With a sly, Mona Lisa, smile on her face, she watches everything going on and reports to (Doc), so that only the unvarnished truth is related in any stories which might be told once the cruise comes to an end.

Marilyn….“Sassy“. She is the Happy go Lucky, Carefree, spouse of (Doc). She goes her own way, oblivious to things going on around her. That’s the way she likes it!

So there, you can get a hint of the fun in our future, and where any story which might result, could lead.

I must say that the banter between the Misfits has already begun, and I’m sure it may intensify as the time approaches for our cruise.

Stay tuned, and remember that Life is Good!

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