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Werner Family

Prudy and Mike

Nicholas and Madison

Last night was pizza night. Got Mike to try a Lime-A-Rita...he wasn't too impressed. But that's okay, not everyone is a connoisseur like me.

After everyone went to bed the storm hit and woke me up. It must have rained at least 2-4 inches and the wind was howling. There were tornado warnings out so that had me a little concerned. Prudy slept through the whole thing. The sun is trying to shine today but isn't having much luck.

I got up this morning and everyone was gone to church so I started setting up my camera to try and get some pictures of everyone when they got back. They turned out better than the ones I've been taking of everyone else (I'm still learning and experimenting with my new camera). I know that Sheri is REALLY, REALLY happy with the one I posted of them. I'll try to do better next time Sheri.

We will be leaving here tomorrow morning and headed for Ft. Smith, AR to spend the night and then on to my dads on Christmas eve.

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