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Heading into the Gallary

Exhibition on Display

"Airing My Dirty Laundry"

Closeup of the back wall of this exhibit

"Mixing Dimensions"

Sembrador "Sower"

"The Seed Has Already Been Planted"

Chuck Klinger "Some Assembly Required"

Our group in the gallery, Donna Jenkins in the front

Me in front of "I Must Be Patient"

"The Person Who Knows When to Harvest"

"Smoking While I Wait"

"Why Do I Want The River When I Can Have The Sea"

Unusual Christmas Tree

Back on the bus

Our next stop on the Bus Trip was the Beyond Arts Gallery which is a new contemporary gallery in Harlingen. It opened on September 12th, 2013.

"Airing My Dirty Laundry" by Sergio Garcia was the exhibition on display. "Through art he (Sergio Garcia) tries to explain how, directly or indirectly, we become part of the problem instead of just viewers; that way we are responsible for what is happening in the world rather than being victims. After taking responsibility it is easier to acknowledge that the only way to make a change is to change ourselves. García believes that the key is within us and we decide if we want to use it or not. His proposal includes realizing that it is our job, and only ours, to generate peace within ourselves even if we live in a world in war.

In order to communicate his ideas García creates unique characters which include: bowl headed creatures that feed from the sacred energy of the universe, hairless people that materialize their desires on their heads, soul mates that are happy of reencountering each other, and alchemists that instead of working with metal are working with their own personality, among other beings full of symbolism." Quote from

Lee decided I should have my picture taken near the wall art that read "I must be patient" over and over again. It reminded us of being young when the teacher would reprimand by having a student right a phrase over and over. This one would suit me because it is one of my worst vices. I struggle to be patient!

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