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Look out! Enjoying the karts at Gumbaya Park

More karting fun

Wilsons Prom

Walking (or running) to the beach at Tidal River: Pip and Larissa

Patch and Alice building sand castles at Tidal River

Sunshine at Squeaky Beach

Playing charades


Before turning north towards home we made our way south from Melbourne to Wilson's Promontory, the most southerly point on the Australian mainland. In Waratah Bay, just to the west of the Prom, we've spent the weekend with the Parkyns, as Tania's parents own a holiday house here.

On our way down yesterday morning we called in at Gumbuya Park, an interesting blend of nature park and theme park. This was another of the vouchers Sal had tracked down online months ago (before we even left home) and the kids had been really keen since they'd heard there were go-karts. As well as go-karts there were nature experiences ... Will and Alice couldn't bring themselves to be interested in these but Pip, Sal and I had our photos with a python, then a koala and finally some alpine dingos (hadn't heard of them before). Then we got into the rides which mainly had that older, homemade, how-did-this-pass-health-and-safety kind of feel to them. We enjoyed the bigger and smaller kart type rides and Pip also had a go on the toboggan.

Then down to the beautiful, secluded, sleepy seaside town of Waratah Bay where we set up Old Bess in the driveway, enjoyed a BBQ dinner and then went for a walk on the beach before bed time.

Today was a chance to experience the Prom itself. Unfortunately Will woke up with (not as) a really bad pain in the neck so he's been getting around a little bit like a robot and struggling to enjoy the day. After breakfast we drove down to Tidal River, the main camping area on the Prom, ate lunch and then walked to the beach. The kids, none of whom had their togs (it's cold!) all proceeded to varying stages of wetness in the creek that empties into the ocean there.

Back in the cars, we called in to Squeaky Beach on our way home. By now the day was bathed in sunshine and, as the kids dug in the sand, we even spotted a whale breaching in the bay.

Tonight it was fish and chips for dinner and then the kids watched the movie Turbo while the parents went for a relaxing stroll around Waratah Bay in the evening light, with the mountains of Wilson's Promontory visible across the bay.

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