Our December 2013 Trip to Visit Friends and Relatives travel blog

Jack & Rosey...Don't they look great!

We want to thank Jack & Rosy for putting us up in their home two separate times, giving us their bedroom, fixing us breakfast, taking us out to eat and keeping us entertained. It was like being at the Holiday Inn Express except we couldn't get WiFi!!! You need to find that sign-in password Jack so that I don't go through withdrawal. ;-)

We drove by the house we lived in on Villa Drive and based on the way it looked I'll bet our old neighbors sure miss us.

We all went out to a Chinese buffet on Thursday evening and met up with some old friends Tom and Gerri Raab (no relation to the cartoon characters). The food was great but I had to take a Gas-X afterward.

Our next stop is Mikes in Tennessee.

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