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We got up and out to the minibus station by 9:00, just in time to see the first bus to Maseru border pull out. Rats! We watched it go, knowing we were probably looking at a 1-2 hr. wait before the next bus filled and would leave. We were right - 11:00 a.m. we left.

It's about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to the Maseru border from Bloemfontein, and its a fun, no hassles, walk across the river border. We loved it! There's a sign on the Lesotho side that says: "They Call it Africa, We Call it Home". Good sign. Mari wanted to stop at the Tourist Info at the border, and a good thing we did, because the one in town had burned down! We got maps and info and - most important - directions to the Anglican Training Center where we could get a room, we hoped, because it is right close to downtown so convenient to services. After quite a bit of confusion at the taxi stand re: prices, we finally were off. The fellow said he would "get us there" for 6.50M (Miloti, which is equivalent in value to the Rand). He dropped us off on the street and told us to walk "up that street". We started up the street. At the first intersection the road ahead went seriously UP. It was afternoon, full sun, and Hot! Mari's pack was very heavy - she was planning to send stuff home with me - and she didn't want to walk that hill! But that's where people said we needed to go, so walk it we did. Not all that bad for me (my pack is only 11.5 kg max, hers was probably 17-18 kg), but a Long walk for her!

Nonetheless, we made it and when we arrived the courtyard was shady, there were flowers, plants and birds, and life was good! Ha Ha! They did have a room - only one bed, but wide enough, and with a nice, big window; shared bath. 250M (125 each). Perfect. We settled in a bit, then headed to town to see what it was like, get money at the ATM, Mari go to the Post Office for her stamps, me to the internet to check in, and then to get something to eat. We had done all that, and were headed back for a bit more internet, when we realized everything was closing - it was 6:00 pm on a Wednesday. We went to the Shop Rite Supermarket to get some yogurt, fruit, etc., and by 6:40 when we got out they were rolling up the sidewalks - i.e. the whole town was closing down. Oh. OK ... well, let's head back to Anglican ... The shortcut gate was being locked as we got to it, sorry, we'd have to go around the block to the front gate. No worries ... what else did we have to do?! Ha Ha!

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