More views from our scenic drive in Zion National Park...

The Virgin River..



We loved this area, we even tried to take a picture of...


The snow was not as bad in this area..

We still had to be very careful..

The rest of the trail will have to wait until summer...

We loved the view from this area...

We held our camera out and got this one of us..:-)

Back on the beautiful drive..

View of the Court of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...Incredible!






Leaving the park heading to Springdale...


On the drive home we saw this cool western village..




Last one!

This is our third and final update from Zion National Park. Please be sure to look for the earlier updates.

There aren't many places in the world where the forces of nature have come together with such dramatic results as in Zion National Park. From arid desert to pine-covered peaks and awe-inspiring rock formations, the park offers some of the American West's most spectacular scenery.

Utah is definitely blessed with incredible beauty. We visited four national parks while in Utah including Arches, Canyonlands and this week Bryce and Zion. We have totally fallen in love with Zion. We wish we had planned a couple more weeks in this area.

The rest of our scenic drive took up to the Grotto area, it was another favorite. We even held our camera out as far as we could and took our picture together. Not the greatest, but at least we have one of us in Zion. We also viewed the incredible Court of the Patriarchs. The Court of the Patriarchs is a set of sandstone cliffs named for biblical figures Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What a great way to end our tour of Zion.

We hope you enjoyed the tour with us. This will be out last update from Utah. We will be heading to Las Vegas to spend time with family for Christmas. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas too. Check back later for more from Nevada.

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