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The weather is simply awesome once again. Now THIS is the kind of weather we expect when we spend our winter in the Rio Grande Valley.

After our morning coffee was finished off, Marilyn fixed a simple breakfast and then we completed the usual chores, cleaning the kitchen, making the bed, etc.

Marilyn drove to Walmart while I stayed behind and took an inventory of my clothing for the upcoming cruise.

One tie, one shirt, one sport jacket, a few pairs of shorts and sandals!

Yep! I’m all set!

Well, I’m sure she will add to that list for me. LOL

Lunch was fried chicken and some of Sandy’s Salad.

Marilyn & I set up the lounge chairs outdoors and settled down in the sun to read and relax. She even took a couple of pictures showing me reading from the comfort of my lounge chair.

Now, that is the reason we search out a good location for the winter. The ability to be outdoors in the bright sunshine.

The breeze was just right for keeping the temperature quite comfortable.

I came inside after an hour or so and remained out of the sun for the rest of the day.

Jan walked over to visit for awhile and we have plans her and Tom to join Marilyn & I for a trip across the border to Mexico tomorrow morning.

Of course I will write about that tomorrow evening. At least that is my plan.

We are sharing a Christmas Dinner with our friends, Jesse & Ginger, at their place in Mission, Texas.

Marilyn & I have decided that we would like to go over to Padre Island to eat some great seafood, on New Years Eve.

Of course that is all in the future so we’ll have to wait to see what develops.

You all know that RV folks carve their plans in Jello, so things may easily change a lot.

We may join our neighbors on New Years Eve, for a Carry In at their place.

Who knows, I may be able to stay up until midnight. Have to start my training for the cruise you know…LOL

On a serious note, please keep Roger & Joyce in your prayers.

They certainly need them.

So I will leave you with that, along with a reminder that Life is Good!

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