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Facing an awesome day with beautiful weather, we completed the usual morning chores, then drove to Walmart.

The fridge was looking pretty bare and we needed lots of stuff, so we ended up with two carts. Neither cart was full and we hauled it all out to the car in one cart.

Back at the RV, Marilyn put groceries away while I stayed outdoors to clean the gas grill. It was really dirty and I need to replace some of the “guts” of it, like the burner assembly and the spark lighter assembly. Hopefully I can get a bit more use from it until after the holidays, then find new pieces to replace some of the bad parts.

Marilyn did some laundry and made a nice large bowl of “Sandy’s Salad”. The recipe for this delicious vegetable salad was given to us by our friend, Sandy Mills, so we just call it by her name.

We have noticed that the resort is beginning to fill up with new folks arriving each day.

We saw some young folks today and several small children, so we know that there are some residents having their kids and grandkids as guests for Christmas.

After a bite of lunch, I drove into Mercedes to the “Border Hardware” Store to pick up a locknut so that I could make a repair on Marilyn’s outdoor lounge chair. Total cost was .40 cents.

That hardware store has anything you need and I always enjoy a hardware store. Marilyn makes fun of me because I like to just look around.

Back at the RV, I made quick work of the repair on her chair.

Now, we may be able to sit outdoors with a glass of wine later in the day.

While I was out, Marilyn baked a batch of brownies, which is great, because we purchased some Blue Bell “Home Made” Vanilla ice cream today. That should taste great on a warm brownie.

We made some plans for tomorrow. Both of us are feeling near 100% and that is as good as it gets for us!

We do have some fun on the agenda for later in the week.

That trip to Mexico with Tom & Jan is now set for Thursday and we look forward to that.

With the usual Rio Grande Valley weather back to where it should be, we are really enjoying ourselves here.

Good weather along with good health!

Now that makes us say with confidence, that Life is Good!

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