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December 8, 2013

Today we took in our final stops in Beijing, then flew to Yichang, China to join a river cruise of the Yangtze River. In Beijing we went to a Buddhist Temple then to a shopping market. Finally arrived at the airport at 5pm. The flight was 2 hours and they served "dinner". Upon arrival in Yichang, we took a bus to the river and boarded the Victoria Cruise Ship "Anna". All of our tour guests were assigned to the fifth floor--executive suites. We were given a different dining room and different foods than the Chinese tourists who were on lower decks and ate at their own dining room. I don't know if that was because we paid more or because Americans expect different accommodations. Our stateroom had a wall of windows and a French Balcony. It was more spacious than our rooms on the other cruises we have taken. There are two beds, three easy chairs, a desk, a window seat, and a chest. And the best bonus ever! We could each send out 4 pieces of clothing for laundry each day for FREE!

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