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On my laptop computer I have the screensaver set for a constant slide show of pictures from our pictures library.

We used to have one of those digital picture frames which ran a slide show of pictures from an SD chip, but that was one of the items destroyed in our fire when we lost the entire RV a couple of years ago.

This morning, we were listening to music playing on the computer and watched the slide show of random pictures from our library.

That caused a bit of nostalgia and a feeling of melancholy in me.

We sure have seen lots of places and done lots of things together in our 51 years of marriage.

With my Military and Flying careers included, I have visited 48 of the 50 states (North Dakota and Maine must be somewhere in the future to complete the 50), and 38 foreign countries.

Belize and Honduras are in the near future and that will give me an even 40 countries.

Marilyn has been beside me for most of these, and sometimes we marvel at the experiences we have shared together.

It isn’t only the places we have been, or the experiences we have shared which bring about that melancholy feeling in me this morning. It is the people we have met in our journey through this lifespan. People who have inspired us, loved us, encouraged us, consoled us, laughed with us, cried with us, sat around campfires with us, shared adventures with us, sang with us, and prayed with us. Just about every person we have met along the way is important to us in one way or another.

We certainly miss the ones we no longer see very often, and especially the ones who wait for us in Heaven.

Friends and Relatives who shared their lives with us and have passed on, some way too early in their lives, are missed and still loved and remembered by us.

I guess it is the people who have touched our lives that are the most important in our memories, far greater than places we have been or things we have done.

I nearly decided not to post this blog, because it is almost too introspective and not the usual, optimistic, joyful, person I try to be.

However, I am sure that many of you dear readers have felt this way from time to time in your own lives.

Maybe it is the season, coupled with the reality that we are far away from some of those we love the most.

Perhaps it is a realization of my own mortality.

Perhaps it is a real concern and worry about friends and family who are ill and need our prayers.

Through it all dear friends, I also realize that these sad feeling are fleeting and I’ll soon be focused on the fun and adventures of today and the near future.

This too, is a part of life.

We must remember, even during these melancholy times, that the future holds much happiness and joys, and of course, the simple fact that Life is Good!

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