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Boat ride

Up a tree

Coconut milk

Soup and rum



In for a swim

Up fairly early and very dry eggs. The group then went off to a local preserve for lunch, then a boat ride over to an island. We hiked through the island and saw lots of native plants. The guide climbed a coconut tree and we all had fresh coconut milk. We got to see a seasonal farm with lots of farm animals. We eventually arrived at a beach (a bit muddy) and many of us took a swim.

We were rowed back to the mainland and had a “Grapefruit rum” drink as well as a bamboo tube of soup and roast pork for lunch along with banana leaves filled with side dished.

Finally back at Baracoa we stopped in a hotel and swam in the pool while having some drinks at the swim up bar. Later that evening we had a really salty dinner with the worst flan I have ever tasted at the home stay then went wandering the town. I bought a domino set and a small carving of Hatuey after some heavy bargaining. We met up with the group and listened to music and drank rum until late in the evening. All outside in the sweltering heat.

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