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At the Che memorial

Che - bigger than life


Roberto and me


Up about 7:45 – to breakfast then pack to meet folks for the tour at 9:00. Nice bus with AC for the trip. Stop in a small café for a bite.

Visit the Che Guevara memorial. I fell off a platform but am fine. Ella was not feeling well. The museum held many of Che’s effects – very interesting. The memorial itself was quite dark but moving. Remains sent back to Cuba from Bolivia several years before. Look at some pictures outside then off to Santa Clara. Eat at a restaurant with Elaine and Marie (Irish school teachers) with pizza and a nice cold beer.

Then off to our home stay – narrow streets made unloading difficult. We all assembled in the house of Tenestia and Roberto where the day’s events were laid out. The rest of the group headed to their home stays but we stayed with Roberto. Nice room with a bed, bath, and AC. Roberto shared a half bottle of rum with us while showing pictures of his daughter and her 16th birthday party – really dressed up! He also wished me a happy father’s day about 15 times… Then we went off to the local liquor store to buy another bottle or rum and some coke and more drinks – then chess, checkers, and a nap.

Dinner was fresh fruit and vegetables and a nice chicken, potatoes, and rice dish. It was pretty clear that Tenestia was mad at Roberto for getting a bit drunk in the afternoon so things were a little tense.

After dinner we walked off to the central park to meet the group and bus. We drove to Parque Idal – a public park that was full of people – mostly young. Some music. Would walk from place to place and the music would change. We stopped in at a bar and I talked to Abel about US/Cuba relations. His talk of Castro was pretending to stroke a beard. He’s a bit conservative. Walk back to the house with Marie, Elaine, and Joe and have a couple of rum drinks on the way. To bed about 12:30.

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