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After a day of getting our breath back after our journey we headed into Aveiro.

Until the 1570s Aveiro was a thriving port on the Rio Vouga. The river silted up causing marshes and the lost of trade in the town. The town only started thriving again when a canal was cut through to the sea in 1808 and the port was reopened. There was also the draining of the marshes to leave the shallow lagoons seen today which were put to use as huge saltpans developing an industry that still goes on today.

The town was not pretentious. Wandering the old town and along by the canals was lovely in the warm sunshine. The old lagoon boats which were once used to collect seaweed are now used for tours along the canals. These boats had some slightly saucy paintings on them.

The town as well as the canal had some impressive Art Nouveau buildings including the tourist office and one or two nice squares where you could sit and enjoy a break.

Of course Daisy had to do here usual looking down into the canal which again caused amusement.

A nice place to wander around in the sunshine.

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