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Current day asparas with stone asparas

Carved head and tired head

Contemporary dances to match the carved dancers

Wonderful carved dancers

all day at anghor temple complex, beautiful area,

lots of stone carving,

monkeys along the roadside,

children roadside peddlers,

I will leave it to folks to google the temple description. The names of the temples we visted are below. Let's just say that is incredible to contemplate the craftsmanship and skills that was needed to carve and place these stones. The Khmer kingdom had an incredible amount of slaves to work on their temples and many captured prisoners from the Thai/Lao/Vietnam region wars during their time period. It would be intersting to visit this site with a art historian or a archologist who could better explain what we saw.

1. Ta Prohm, has been left wild with the trees and roots penatrating the stones. Gives you a picture of what the sites looked like before the French started clearing trees.

2. Bateay Srei, 30 km away, beautiful carvings, able to see the difference between the time periods of the two temples. Beautiful asparas....

We had lunch at a restaurant in front of Angkor Wat, chicken with lemon grass and basil and walked the gauntlet of begger peddler children. I wanted to increase their income potential by teaching them the song "its a small world after all" since their voices were very close to the range. They could start singing to tourists you would not buy and perhaps charge $5 to stop singing. Big increase in money.

3. We went on to Angkor Wat, simple marvelous, easy to picture pagents and processions going on in the promenades around the temples and resevoirs.

4. Finally ended the day at Angkor Thom (the Banyon) This was my favorite place with the mystic huge faces. Great day of learning

Went to dinner at Banyon II, basically a dinner theator with buffet food and costume dancing. Sounds corny but actually a good way to end a day at the temples as the dancers had the same costumes as what you had seen all day in store so it was nice to see a comparison.

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