Our December 2013 Trip to Visit Friends and Relatives travel blog

We made it to Sheri's around noon today. We will be here through Sunday and will be leaving here Monday for Belleville if the weather allows. The forecast isn't all that encouraging but that could change. Looking forward to having Zapata's shrimp jambalaya (hot) with Jack and Rosie. I like to watch Jack sweat ;-)

Sheri is in Florida with Craig and Dalton for Dalton's football tournament so it is just me, Prudy, Carter and Delilah, two dogs, two cats (which we haven't seen as yet) and a chill factor of -5. I will be taking Carter to his basketball practice tonight...hope they have the heat on.

This trip has just re-enforced our desire to live in Tucson.

If the weather is still icy down in Tennessee when we are due to go there we will probably skip it and try again this summer on the Can-Am. We will just head for Oklahoma instead, although the weather hasn't been any better there recently. We'll just have to wait and see.

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