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Entering Iowa

I think she is ready for us to pull over.

Roads Are Slick!

Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade, KS

Terrible day!!! It was snowing when we left Kansas City this morning but the roads were okay...for awhile. That all changed when we entered into Iowa and the roads turned slick.

These people up here drive like idiots. Several 18-wheelers had flipped over, at least 30-40 automobiles had either crashed big time or were off in a ditch and these idiots were still driving 70+ mph!! One semi had flipped completely over and had I-80 westbound blocked for about 6 miles as we passed by it going east.

We were having trouble staying on the straight and narrow with the back end trying to pass the front end and Prudy had completely worn out the brakes on her side of the truck so we decided we had better call it a day.

We are staying at a Clarion Inn at Williamsburg, IA. We are still about 200 miles from Sheri's. We will give it another effort tomorrow.

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