RTW 2005 travel blog

Rocky Cape

De camino a Cradle Valley


Table Cape

Peligro wombats!

"El resplandor"

Bien mojada...

"Sleepy Hollow"

Tortilla de patatas (tras siete meses sin ella)!

Hogar dulce hogar!


A ver si es el nuestro...

Cradle Valley nevado

'Joder, que frio!'

Wallaby en la nieve



"La edad de la inocencia"

White river

Cradle Valley nevado

Feliz en la nieve

Cradle Valley nevado

Snow Gum

Cradle Valley nevado


Entrando en calor

"Cold Mountain"

Cradle Mountain y Dove Lake nevados

Lago helado

Estalagtitas de hielo

How ya doin', mates?

We drove along the north coast from Stanley to Table Cape and were greeted by reddish rock formations at the cliffs of Rocky Cape and a beautiful historical lighthouse at Table Cape. Then we drove down to Cradle Valley, where we found accommodation at a youth hostel with a very cosy fireplace in the kitchen. That same day, we did several walks around the main entrance to the park and saw our first wallabies and wombats. Wallabies are just over 1m in height, so they could be described as tiny kangaroos. Wombats are very solid, powerfully built marsupials with broad heads and short stumpy legs and can reach around 40Kg. They are both very tame as long as you don't interfere with their eating habits (which is fair enough, after all). Possums are a different thing though. They live and sleep in trees, but come down to the ground in search of food. They show little fear of humans and regularly do late-night food "shopping" at camping grounds. And, of course, we had one just outside our hostel and managed to close the door on its face just in time, but the little bastard stayed there behind the door for about twenty minutes, just in case we decided to open it again. You can see how much fun it was to go to the toilet at night!!!

The following day, we woke up to a snow-covered landscape. Everything was white and so beautiful!!! The layer of snow nearly reached our knees. Still, we set off on a 14Km-walk on the snow to Dove Lake, because a little bit of snow was not going to stop us from seeing Cradle Mountain. It was a magical walk. Everything seemed like taken out of a fairytale. We did reach Dove Lake and came back home completely soaked. Luckily, some very nice locals gave us a lift back on their 4-wheeler or it would have been 20Km.

Love Tasmania!!!!!!!

Idoia & Mikel.

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