We loved this park ...such a unique idea..


One of the homes was turned into a cafe, but it was...


The campground and the little lake for fishing...

Last one!

Today we drove back to Berne, Indiana. We wanted to check out a local campground for future visits. The campground is owned by the Amish people, it is located near a lot of Amish homes. It has a small lake for fishing and one of the homes has been turned into a restaurant for people camping in the area.

We stopped at the entrance of the park and found out they were closed, it looked like mostly permanent residents that were left in the campground. What a unique idea, we had Amish food before and they really know how to cook. They make everything from scratch. You won’t find any frozen foods served in their restaurants.

I am adding pictures of this unique RV park and hope you enjoy.

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