Me with my geocaching buddies..:-)

A cool travel bug we found...

The beautiful bridge...





Last one!

We went out geocaching today with Jerry, Kim, Jared, Brandon and Cameron. This was our first time geocaching, we found out we have a lot to learn. :-)

We had a hard time finding the caches. One of them was WAY off from where our GPS was telling us. We ended up on the wrong side of a river. A very nice lady told us we were on the wrong side after seeing us in her garden looking for the cache. How embarrassing now, after we realized what we did. :-) We still managed to have a great time.

One of the caches took us over a beautiful old bridge, I am adding pictures for you to see. It was a fun day of geocaching with family. We will be practicing our geocaching and hopefully, we will do much better the next time. Check back later for more.

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