Grandma & Sammy in Aurora..


Sammy riding the lion...:-)

This one got us all laughing hard...:-)

The huge chair...

Sammy's geocache of the day..

Last one!

We took Sammy out to eat today at the Aurora Country Kitchen in Aurora, Indiana. A very sweet lady working in the restaurant gave Sammy a toy, he was so excited. What a nice thing for her to do. After lunch we went geocaching, Sammy found one cache today.

The town of Aurora has a lot of sculptures around town, Sammy got a kick out of them. He got on one of the lions and I took a picture of him, so cute. Then we saw a huge lady giraffe with a hat and purse, I thought he would never stop laughing. He thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. He even laughing so hard, we could not stop.

We also found a huge chair in town and got a picture of him. After shopping and fun in Aurora we went back to the campground and roasted marshmallows over the fire. This is Sammy’s favorite thing to do. We all had a great day in Aurora. Check back later for more.

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