We loved this beautiful park and will be back to camp here...






What a beautiful place to camp..

We have really been impressed with the state parks in Utah. I mentioned some of the ones we visited in my post yesterday, but I did not feel I did this one justice. Utah Lake State Park in Provo, Utah was recently named one of America's 21st Century Parks, Utah Lake State Park provides many recreation opportunities for visitors.

Utah Lake is the state's largest freshwater lake, and is a popular fishing spot. Anglers will find channel catfish, walleye, white bass, black bass and several species of panfish. In addition, Utah Lake State Park provides major access to the 96,000-acre lake for power boating, sailing, canoeing or kayaking. There is also a wonderful visitors center that has a display of mounted fish, American Indian arrowheads and grinding stones, dozens of historic photos, a 1890's swimming suit, and a 1950's fishing net. Experience a fun time and see a small piece of history.

We loved this one so much we are planning a return visit to camp there. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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