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Final Blog......

Miles fly by and reminiscing stories of the trip as we make the trip back to Fort Collins and write this final blog of our Tour de Mexico adventure.

We traveled 7,000 miles over a 24 day period. The travels touring Mexico were unforgettable. Mexico is an amazing and generous country with some very amazing people. We have met so many people that we will remember and wish to be back in their towns someday. This trip has been a "once in a lifetime" trip for all of us. We experienced so many offerings that began at the 1st border crossing from people giving us gifts in so many ways.

We were fortunate to have Kim

be a part of this experience and she was amazing putting up with the aches and pain of a passenger, the accommodations, and being with 4 men with overgrown facial hair and smells that no women should have to deal with.

This trip provided the opportunity to allow Alan and Kim and their family to visit his Grandfather and Great Grandmother's gravesite.

This was a highlight of the trip to honor the Espinsoa family and we are so thankful that we were able to make this stop on our journey.

Best city....Guanajuato!!!

This was the most memorable place for us all and we are grateful to Kim for requiring us to go there.

Best Road....

The Old Highway between Guadalajar (Aijiic) to Puerto Vallarta. So much fun, road racers hauled their bikes up to it.

Best food....AL's Steaks grilled over the campfire on the beach.

Favorite Lodging.....small boutique hotel that we parked our bikes in the hallway of the hotel.

Favorite Camping...BEACH Camping. The setting was great, the company was great, and the fresh morning swim was great!

Biggest Challenge....

1st day of Copper Canyon between the Cartel and the roads traveled.

Scariest Ride.....The ride to Campeche with all the rain and oil slicks and Kim riding 2-up with Alan....

Most interesting Natural Disasters.....

The Flood and The Rock-slide!!!

Best Conversation.....With Carlos at the resturant, Victor in Copper Canyon, and the Women in Red in Guanajuato.

Hottest Food....

At Carlos' Restaurant, we left a few taste buds there.

Tour de Mexico was truly an adventure. Traveling from U.S. to the Belize border, swimming in both oceans on each side of Mexico, numerous mountain ranges from jungle to desert, and extreme adverse weather conditions are what made this trip.

This self guided adventure with no idea of what is upcoming, who we will encounter, and what will be next, made the excitement seem surreal when we got there. We are grateful for family, friends, and staff support, and prayers by so many during this adventure. We have missed so many people while we were gone and excited to share the stories with all of you!!

Until next time, ADIOS Y VAYA CON DIOS!!!!!!!!!!


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