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Border Crossing............

Getting back to the U.S. was a breeze.

We had a great conversation with the Immigration Agent who could not believe we did that trip. Al set the stage going 1st and gave him all the details of the trip. The Agent was pretty excited about it since he loves Adventure.

We continued to Las Cruces where Mark and Pat left Al's truck at a local RV park for the last 2 weeks. The people at the RV park were extremely nice. Mark and Pat left the rear window of the truck partially open since they could not figure out how they opened it and left it open.

The RV manager put a tarp over the back of the truck with tie downs and was concerned the rain and snow they had would get in it. AL was concerned of the squirrell that would be living in his truck when he got back to it. They loaded up the bikes in the trailer and Justin, Al, and Pat prepared for their way back to Colorado while Mark is going to continue on and ride to Phoenix and leave his bike there for the winter.

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