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November 26, 2013

21km’s today. Only. On my way from Legship to Namchi I ran into this super cool restaurant called ‘Clouds End Café’. I miss Cara. I did speak with her today. I thought she might be beginning to worry. The name of the proprietor of the cafe’ is Anup. Anup and his niece were there talking. She is from San Francisco. She has been here, on and off, for a year now. She rents a place just up the street/road/highway. I forget her name. The restaurant/small hotel was so cool I decided to stay the night.

Yesterdays bullshit. I rode from Pelling to Legship. I really wanted to get toNamshi but the road and chai breaks got the best of me. Legship is a little hole on the intersection of several streets/roads/highways. The room was 450 Rs. The room was rough. Just the trpe Suu Kyi likes and was born for. Before I got to Yuksom I stopped at Khechopalri Lake. It is the footstep of Vishnue thus very holy to Hindus. I had a bite to eat [ichi ban] along the way and got the head spins again. When I drove up to the parking lot there was a bus load of German tourists. Feeling like a hero and super cool. I parked Suu Kyi and she had different ideas on who was cool and who wasn’t. She decided to lay down. Fuck did I feel like an idiot. All the taxi wallas came over to help. It was if they could sense Suu Kyies demenour because they seemed to be helping me off the dirt before I hit it. I was laughing and making light of it but in reality I was in a lot of pain. I must like getting kicked in the nut because I was carrying my camera in the same pocket where it was when I fell over and damaged my ribs a couple of weeks ago. Fuck did it hurt. By the time I arrived in Legship I couldn’t even stand on the pegs my lats hurt so much. Fuck it, it was getting dark anyway. I feel fine today. They are sore but nothing like before. That’s the last time I put the camera in my pockets. Stupid fuck.

The road out of Legship was great. Smooth new asphalt. It has it’s dips and dives because of the lack of compaction. The weather has been cloudy ever since I left Darjeeling.

I have finally started hearing cyanides in the jungle. I don’t know why I haven’t heard any until now.

After Namchi I have to make up my mind on whether to go to Gantok or not. I really don’t see any reason to head up that way. If I could drive further north than Mangan I would for sure but I need a special permit. I would like to ride up to the Yumthang Valley north east of Mengan. It’s supposed to be unreal.

It looks like it may even be raining off in the distance.

I am going to have to look at the West Bengal map and see where I should be entering ‘back’ to India. Sikkim is more like Nepal than India. I also have to see what there is to do/see in Assam. I don’t think much. I may just bolt right though that state.

Sikkim is a really small state but it is in the mountains and thus the roads are bad, up and down and twisty. Its only about 80 km’s wide and 100 km’s deep. Nepal is to the west, Tibet to the north and east, Bhutan is also to the east and, of course, West Bengal to the south. I could go to Kalimpong and visit my friend the paraglider. I have never done that before. That kinda freaks me out though.

There is a little monstary about 30 minutes walk from here. I can see the top of it peeking out of the jungle. Maybe tomorrow morning. It’s 2:40pm now and when the sun starts to set it gets cold very quickly.

I am really looking forward to Nagaland and that little adventure.

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