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The remains of a yacht after being destroyed during a cyclone a...

View from Airlie Beach.

Ready to depart on our three island cruise. Well worth a visit.

Lily relaxing at South Molle Island.

Some of the boats at Hamilton Island. It must be a bummer...

Lily and I becoming experts in paddle boarding.

Lily about 3 seconds before she decided to fall off the paddle...

Me not even interested in getting wet, and I didn't.

The coastal areas of Queensland are so good that our next stop was at Airlie Beach. We stayed with a friend, Ian who I have known from the Army for a number of years. Ian also travelled with me around California when I first purchased an RV over there. That was even before Lily had retired and was able to travel with me. Ian enjoyed himself with a few minor problems. Any new vehicle has some little issues. The issue Ian found was that the manufacturers forgot to seal the roof where the TV antenna cable came into the vehicle. This of course meant that Ian, sleeping in the bed in the front of the RV got a little damp. I lied, he got a lot damp and I woke up the next morning to find him sleeping in the lounge area on the floor. I was a bit grumpy about the fact that the RV had not been sealed properly but managed a smile when Ian told me of his damp misfortune.

Anyway we enjoyed staying with Ian at Airlie Beach. While we were there we enjoyed a trip to some of the islands from Airlie Beach and even learned how to paddle board.

Also a great place well worth a visit.

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