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The relaxing view from under our van awning. It doesn't get better...

Whistling Ducks enjoying a snack.

Just a family thing, Lorikeets, Radjah Shellducks and Whistling Ducks.

Bush Stone Curlew (or Thick Knee Curlew) family keeping a watchful eye...

Curlews protecting the kids with a real show of force.

After leaving Charters Towers we went back towards the coast and stayed at Home Hill with some long time friends of Lily, namely Liz and Bill. We chose that area as I still had to return to Cairns to see a Haematologist. This meant at least two trips back to Cairns as I had to have bone marrow and bone samples taken. It was a lot of driving back and forth but I didn't really want to just hang around Cairns. If the worst came about I would have to just head back and stay while treatments for whatever I may have had was decided. After the GP's doom and gloom indications we were certainly quite anxious. When all the tests came back and I was told that all was well being very relieved we headed further south for some relaxing times.

Lily and I even bought some celebratory bottles to enjoy our good health news, namely a couple of bottles of wine and a nice bottle of Jack Daniels. We figured it was all worth it as there are many styles of stress relief. But we managed to get a ticket in a raffle.

A place called Seaforth was where we stopped for a week. It is just out of Mackay on the beach and well worth a relaxing visit. I have enclosed some pics of the bird life and the view from the caravan door. Fishing was not so hot as you really need a boat, obviously I will have to win one because being pensioners, we certainly can't afford to buy one.

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