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Our Table for 24 people

Getting the food set out


The women at our table

People visiting everywhere

another table for 24

And another

Miriam and Faye

Jim and Mickie

The turkeys I made for everyone

Mary and Shirley

Char, Marsha and Linda

Mary and Ruth

Dale and Kathy

Al and Miriam and Gary and Faye

At Thanksgiving at Winter Ranch the Activity Directors put up an easel with a list of tables. Then people start signing up for tables. I decided we needed to start a new table but if you are the one who signs up for the #1 spot, then you get to be the Coordinator for the tables and you are the one to cook the turkey. At least that is the way that most of the tables do it. So, I signed Lee and I up and found a couple of friends to join us but I signed us up on the no. 3 and 4 spots. When I got home I called our friends and Hazlett's to see if they were going to be down here for Thanksgiving and if we should put them at our table. Mary said "Sure" so I told her she was elected to have the No. 1 position and would, therefore, be cooking the turkey. She didn't seem to mind so we were in good shape. Winter Ranch pays for the turkey for each table of 20 to 24 people. Then the group meets before Thanksgiving to figure out what everyone is bringing. We've never seen anyone go hungry yet. Most times there are plenty of leftovers and we take enough home for a couple of meals! We did that again this year!

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