Heading West for the Summer/Fall of 2013 travel blog

Interesting formations along the highway

Yikes! Never seen a sign like that. It is because the road...

More formations...

Oops! Didn't know he was hungry....

There's my professional driver.


Entering Colorado...

Trees changing colors...

Today we drove Continental Divide through the Colorado Rockies at a 11,400 ft. Wow. Had we been a day late we would of not been able to cross as it got snowed in.

We stayed in the Walmart in Salida not to far from our lot in C.O.R.A. We took the jeep and made a run over to C.O.R.A. to check it out. It was a barren place, not to many folks there this time of year. They have all headed to warmer climate. We don't blame them.

Then we enjoyed a good dinner at a local restaurant there in Salida. We ate there when our son Steve was visiting in July.

Mileage: 32,106.0 ending 32,501.3

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