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Bull Arena Ride

This morning will be filled with mixed emotion. Alan will be saying goodbye as Kim heads off to the airport and the 4 Amigo's travel onto the west coast.

.....Justin will get to say hello to parts for the HP and see if this solves the throttle issue.

.....After Arriving at Bill and Diana's Justin's parts arrived and fixed the problem..Perfecto!!!

5 minute fix that took 5 days and 2,000 miles to get it.

.....Travel on the Old Highway to Puerto Vallarta....Unbelievable Roads....Found Road Racers fully suited up on Honda CBR, Kawasaki GSXR, and the 4 amigo's on BMW adventure bikes...Riding on these amazing curvey roads with the freedom of not worring about danger, traffic, or Police. The only decision is Not, "Can we do it? But, rather, Should we do it?", Pat.

Bull Pin.......We came across an awesome bullpin....

Justin and Al acted like the Bulls riding around the arena while Mark stood in the center as the Bull Fighter.... This was a blast!!!

Camping...The route through the mountains and seeing unbelievable camp sites made the decision to finally find a campsite for the night. Stopped and bought food to cook and then came across a road (that was really a 4-wheeler access road). The road had an extreme incline that Al pulled in and saw a challenge to get to the top. He did, and then the others followed shortly after... Pat took a fall at the top of the hill, and again at the bottom of the hill. The rule is, you drop the bike, you buy the next round of beers!! He owes us 2 rounds so far. Thanks Pat.

The campsite was amazing....Justin about blinded himself with his own hot sauce he brought with him from the previous resturant. They had the hottest pico de gallo we have ever had and he wanted more. After rubbing your eyes with what feels like gasoline, he turned out OK.

Hopefully, the camping will continue as we travel. This will of course, not allow us to keep up on the blog. But we can still send out short messages to our family via SPOT Connect.

ON OUR WAY.....Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita next...

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