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Another amazing view!

What a vista from the main street of Queenstown!

Fisherkids on Lake St Clair jetty

At ease with the world in general

Will & Cheeky Monkey

Preparing dinner at Lake King William

Soaking it all in

Full moon on our lake

Misty morning at the lake

Admiring a river flowing to Lake St Clair

One sick snoozer

Pip making rock pile art at Lake St Clair

Pip making scrabble art face in the van


We've just spent a couple of days and nights next to Lake King William, which is a rather large lake very near to the even-larger and better known, Lake St Clair. We are a fair way inland from Strahan now and heading Hobart way. Lake St Clair is part of the same national park we visited earlier at Cradle Mountain, but at its southern end. There is a six day hike you may have heard of which stretches between these two points. Seeing such a beautiful start and finish and imagining the beauty in between, even I agreed with Ben that we should come back when the kids are in high school and complete it together (anyone like to join us??).

We have such a lovely campsite here on the edge of the lake. You could (and we did) stand and stare across the water endlessly trying to soak up the beauty of this wilderness. We also tried a bit of fishing but it was a bit shallow where we were and only succeeded in snagging our hooks. Not sure what we'd do if we caught anything anyway as we wouldn't know whether it was edible or how to prepare it to eat, beside the fact that I don't think we could kill it either... Anyway, it's more about the idea of fishing than the result for us I think.

Pip and I ventured off on a hike along Lake St Clair one afternoon, in the hope of spotting some wombats or echidnas but they were all elsewhere. We did see 3 skinks and a fairy wren however, and some gushing creeks as well as the big blue lake. Pip and I also got to have some mum and me time too which is always special, particularly when travelling altogether for so long. Ben stayed back at camp with Alice and Will who were starting to come down with some sort of unpleasant sickness and needing to rest. As it happens, they were also getting ready to play musical beds.

Have you heard about the game of musical beds? Perhaps you've played it yourself? It's innocent, don't worry! Here's how our version went during our stay here (and later in Hobart):

Night 1 is a pretty tame warm-up - everyone gets into their own bed at bedtime (ie B&S into theirs, A into hers and W&P into theirs); as early morning comes on, W calls to B and B gets into W&Ps bed.

Night 2 is when the fun hits - before dinner, W and A move into W&Ps bed and fall asleep; so P moves into B&Ss bed; B is thus moved to the table bed (T); all settle; W wakes up unwell and moves into Bs bed (T); all settle; A wakes up unwell so B moves into W&Ps bed; P remains on her first move; sadly S doesn't get off 'go' (ie starts and finishes in B&Ss bed); sun rises; all get up.

We played for 2-3 nights but you can really just go for as long or as short as you like!

Still, it was a nice spot to stay.

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