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Mixing Mud Cemetery

Installing Grave Marker

Joseph Espinsosa

Mark/Pat Arrival

Bikes in Hotel

Group Photo

Hotel Home for tonight

Passing on Right

Mark/Pat Lunchstop

The morning started with a great huevos breakfast complements of the family run hotel. Then off to the cemetery to find Alan's family grave site. The cemetery was several hours of looking for a grave that is mixed with hundreds of years of tombs that have staked up in all directions. This was a mixture of no location of the loved one's that you have and what has changed over the years since their death.

Cemetery...After spending a few hours yesterday and several hours today looking for the tomb for Alan's great Grandmother and his Grandfather, we had to find another option. Alan traveled to the City of Venado's records log and he found the Secretary General who drove him to the Cemetery. Kim and Justin had been looking for the gravesite during this time, but no luck...The Secretary General was helpful but had no exact record of where to locate the grave. After many conversations with family members, to locate the exact location, we finally determined that since his great Grandmother died in 1919 and the grave was itself in Grave condition, it may have collapsed and replaced over the last 14 years since his grandfather, Joseph Espinosa passed in 1999. Since, his family placed his ashes at the feet of the tomb of Maria De la Luz Guerrero Espinosa, his grandfather mother. The caretaker was only 3 years into his position, but was very helpful in checking every grave in the cemetery. After several hours of looking, talking with family, we came to the conclusion that the grave is no longer there. We placed the plaque in honor of the life of Joseph Espinosa on the wall that is the ONLY marking as to his life and family in Venado Mexico. The caretaker helped mix the mud to give the acknowledgement of the resting place for the Espinosa family. This was a moment that chilled the bones, knowing that your commitment to get to Venado was for a purpose. And the purpose was the acknowledgement of a great man who gave more to others than to himself. This was God's plan for him and we are respectful and grateful to be a part of this moment in life and death...

"Thank you to my family, my wife, and my friends who have been a part of this mission in life to be at this place to acknowledge my respect for my grandfather who was the patriarch of the Espinosa family and a person who has worked so hard to earn his respect to all those who love him and remember him for all he has done!" Alan Strope.

Mark and Pat,,,,,,

They learned the Art of Mexican driving.... Their take is pass on the right, Don't follow Justin, and when there are 2 cars coming at you on a single lane highway, it is still OK to pass. Ooohh, one more thing...when the natives turn their left turn signal on, it means it is fine for you to pass.

They enjoyed the the narrow 2 lane highways we call, the "suicide highways". Compatible for 4 vehicles or should we say, "one semi, one bus, one car, and one Adventure Rider"!!!

We are staying in San Felipe between Mexico City and Guadalajara and this city is in the desert, and has a beautiful Cathedral, but the 1st town that has not given us the friendly vibe overall. Dinner was mediocre and not worth writing about.

The hotel we are staying in is an exception to our experience and is spectacular. Especially for the Pesos we paid.

They allowed us to park all 4 moto's inside the hallway of the hotel, they have been very accommodating, the people are great, and the hotel is better than most we have been at on this trip....

Rendevoux.........Good stories, good videos from the excursion, great company, and always a good time for the adventure.... Looking forward to touring Guanajuanto tomorrow where the city is filled with underground tunnels, soils that mummify the dead, and a life of Mexican history that we are looking forward to....

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